Who we help

CHL helps agencies and public bodies who:

  • Are struggling to comply with the Government Digital Strategy
  • Must integrate agile approaches into their project and programme management
  • Are migrating from in-house hosting to cloud deployment
  • Need to change ICT project management from ‘command and control’ to ‘collaborative working’
  • Feel constrained by organisational culture, traditional procurement policies, risk aversion and legacy technology
  • Have to make rapid decisions to be agile. Yet find themselves hampered by seemingly endless control-focused delays

Agencies have to do more, faster and with less money. While there are no “silver bullets”, cloud technologies are robust and cheap. The required private- and public-sector managerial and technical skills-sets are in-place. Plus, the general public largely accepts “digital first”.

So, the necessary conditions exist. But, organisations need help to find their way through. Which is …

What we do

By providing independent, objective, assistance to our clients through:

CHL consultancy services are typically project or process-based and may combine elements of both.

We adopt “value-based” approaches to achieve real organisational improvements. These focus on:

  • Strategic value drivers – as opposed to local, tactical and operational improvements
  • Outcomes rather than tasks
  • Improving both the performance and the capabilities of the client organisation
  • Client involvement, commitment and ownership

What we offer our clients

Engaging CHL gives our clients access to:

  • A proven track record of successful delivery
  • A commitment to knowledge sharing and transfer
  • A kaizen (continuous improvement) approach to quality

Talk with us

To begin a conversation, call David Chapman on 024 7667 8700, e-mail chapman@chl.co.uk, or use the contact form.